Here Comes The Rain Again…

Like the song says, “Here comes the rain again” Valley Springs, CA is in for some wet weather. 

For the rest of the week expect clouds and rain.  Cover your feed, garage the mower and other precious yard equipment because you won’t be using any of it this week.

The weather forecast says rain and clouds through the end of January.  It has been bitter cold at night here in the Valley. I hope we get some snow with all this rain!  The last time it snowed in Valley Springs was about seven years ago I believe.  It was just an overnight dusting, but what a sweet surprise it was to wake up to at Christmas time!

Christmas has passed, but a Valentine dose of  snow would be sweet!

Be sure to allow yourselves extra time to make appointments with this wet weather. There’s no need to hurry and risk your safety when it’s wet and windy like this.  We have our hands full here just evading those who choose to text and drive, or generally not pay attention to the road while driving, so take your time and be safe!

The lakes are both filling up with all this rain.  They didn’t get very low in the first place.  The water level monitors decided to hold back on their draining the lake efforts this year, so it won’t take much to get these lake back up to a good summertime fishing and water sport level.  No mud puddle for a lake this year, or last!

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