George’s Float 1 Month

Well, its been a month since George had his teeth floated by the vet.  I don’t know, when I look at him, I think, “Nope, it didn’t help at all.”  But when I sit down and look at the pictures side by side, it looks like he may be putting on some permanent weight, not just that hay belly.

What do you think?  Is he gaining any weight?  Did the float work?

Not a whole lot of weight, but yeah, he looks like he has a few new pounds. I put the weigh tape around him the other day. It says he’s 1,045 lbs and he’s just shy of 16 hands.

For the first time in over a year he ran in the pasture with the other horse, kicking up his heels, and barreling down the hill at break neck speed. He was really putting on some speed! He must be feeling pretty good to run like he did!  Good boy George, keep eating, good boy.

Does George look like he's gaining weight to you?

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