Fishing Still Good at Hogan Dam

The last week that I’ve been out to Hogan Dam there’s hardly anyone out there fishing anymore.  Although the fishing is still good, actually producing more catches than most of the other lakes.  Maybe school starting back up has had an impact on the night fishermen.

On Thursday we had the lake to ourselves.  There was one other boater out on the water besides us in the middle of the afternoon! There were a few truck and trailers in the parking lot, not to mention a couple of rattlers having a “Battle of the Baddest Rattle” going on. Other than that it was deserted.

The latest run-down on fishing ponds around the Calaveras, and Tuolumne areas, can be found here in the Union Democrat.  The article covers all the lakes and where the fish are in those lakes!

According to the Moon watchers, and anglers of esteem, the following is what can be expected for the rest of 2017. (Light pink = Don’t bother, Medium pink = It’s worth a shot, Red = It’s your day for fishin’!)


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