Expanding on February 24th Post…

This is a post expanding on the February 24th post about Tri Dam lakes.

The amount released is measured in cubic feet per second.  Also, known as cfs.

I was excited to see the lakes full and the fish reports so positive, was being the key word here. A news article had dug into the cfs being released at Hogan Dam.  The report also reported on the comparison of previous release amounts.  It’s pretty wild how much more they are letting out.

Previously Releasing:  1,000 cfs

Currently Releasing:  4,000 – 5,000 cfs

That’s a huge increase! The report also says,”Hogan is at 130% capacity for this time of year.”  This is one of those news items you need to pay attention to the words because the numbers presented can confuse people.

New Hogan being at 130% of capacity sounds like the lake is way over filled, right? “OMG, the lake is flooding! It’s at 130%. It’s so over full we’re all gonna be flooded!”  That’s what a lot of people will get out of that sentence.  The rest of the sentence makes a big difference, “….for this time of year.”  This sentence, when read in full, presents many questions at least for myself.  What years are they referring to when they say “for this time of year.”  Was it last year?  Maybe it was the year before? But that year we were in a severe drought with conservation going on every where, so that would throw the numbers way off.  Maybe they averaged multiple years?  Which years were chosen if it is multiple years?  There’s just too many unanswered question with this method of reporting.

A much better statement would be just to say what it is.  New Hogan Dam can hold this much water ____.  As of today this ___ much water is in there.  None of this “at this time of year”  or “is at 130%”  both of these are incongruous with the hard numbers about the lake.  To be at 130% of capacity Valley Springs would be under water!

Creative reporting is a good idea to spice up a mundane report but keep it simple so people expanding on a post don’t have to explain what the report really meant.


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