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I was a licensed driving instructor for years. Sixteen and Seventeen yr old students made of the vast majority of my clients. Older people were rare.  I had more foreign drivers looking to learn how to drive in America than I did older drivers that needed a brush up course.

Through my younger students I learned just how much, they didn’t know about driving.  There was not enough time to teach them everything I felt was important.  Three two-hour courses only allowed time to teach the student how to stay on the roadway, let alone the nuances of driving methods.

Certain topics left me concerned for my student drivers because they were never covered in the course, nor were they intended to be covered. I’m not sure where they were supposed to learn them. My concern was deep enough to push me to write two books on the subject.

This book I’m particularly fond of, “Drivers Eyes”.  This book shares stories of my driving career that a  student can glean various tidbits of information from what I dealt with. Plus, there are chapters that are very informative about driving in rain, tailgating, turning, and exactly where your eyes should be looking during a turn.  There are photo’s that accompany many of the situations to provide an authentic feel to what they are reading, and they can understand what I am explaining.

After reading this book you can be certain that driver has a far better grip on how to drive safely!

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