Does Free Money Interest You?

Does free money interest you? It interests me! I joined a program that pays me to turn off unneeded electricity at my home, for just one hour.  Do you use PG&E, SDG&E or Southern California Edison?  They all work with this program.  I am not the type of person that joins groups online very often at all. I only subscribe to a blog if it has a history of highly interesting entries in my area of interest.  I’m not an easy sell.

There is no product, per se.  It is a program.  It is called OhmConnect (You can click the name to check it out). The program is based on saving energy in your home. Yes, your home, and you are paid for it! I researched the website on  They had never heard of it. I submitted the website to Snopes, and continued my search for information online.  Few people had heard of it, but those who have can’t say enough positive things about it.

To read Forbes review click here.

A review from here.

The way it works is: During peak energy hours of the day, if demand for energy is really high (because its a peak time of day, duh), non-green power plants are activated to fulfill this extra demand. In an effort to stop these power plants from starting up, we need to shut down, our energy consumption during these peak hours.  When a high demand hour is identified, an #OhmHour alert is sent to your phone by text message (I receive my notifications usually a day, or two, prior to the ohm hour). At the indicated time, you shut off everything you can in your home for one hour.  When the hour is up, you just go back to your regular routine.  What’s the big deal about this?  You get PAID for the energy you saved during the ohm hour! And I’m not talking pennies, or nickels. You can earn several dollars each ohm hour depending on what you saved.  For my household I received another bonus!  My PG&E billed dropped to an incredible $11 for the month just by shutting everything off for these ohm hours.  I totally did not expect that bonus!

When you participate in OhmHours you earn points, which you can cash out whenever you want, AND your PG&E may go down like mine did!  Check this out.  This is my actual PG&E comparison charts.  This first one reflects my energy usage since joining OhmHours in August:

This one is another screenshot of my bill comparison:

I’ve always been a conscientious about energy usage in my home.  We keep it at a minimum by turning off lights that aren’t needed, turning of PC’s that aren’t in use, etc.

I received an email from Snopes a few days after I submitted OhmConnect to them, they gave them the thumbs up!  From their research of the website it is legit.

Here’s how it works on the website:  The website provides you with a dashboard to look up your usage, your points, links to redeem your points, or cash out.  You receive an email when there’s been an OhmHour and another with your results from that OhmHour, but nothing spammy. I will sour on a website fast if I get a bunch of email courtesy of a website, so far OhmConnect is respecting my email address and haven’t shared it.

There is one draw back, it’s only for people in California. No other states have this yet.

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