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Can you believe what this world of ours has witnessed? It’s hard for me to believe, when I look back in history, at everything that has happened, or been recorded as happening. Our world, Mother Nature, has provided the stage for some of the most atrocious acts that humans can do to one another. To look at every murder, abuse, assault, degradation, etc., etc., etc., is simply overwhelming. How Mother Earth witnesses all of this, yet continues to spin in space, is beyond belief. It would seem the Earth would simply implode upon itself during anyone one of these horrible events, taking with it the people inflicting the abuse. Wouldn’t that be nice? Justified? Humans, I fear, would be extinct in short order if that was how things played out. As it is, our world doesn’t seem to care. It doesn’t appear to feel, or sense, that anything other than another day is passing. Spinning through the nights, spinning through the days, never faltering, never stopping, just spinning. No justice. No punishment. except what we humans bestow upon the convicted. Is there a reckoning, ever, anywhere? Besides putting the accused to death, which is more of a prize than a punishment, is there an ultimate reckoning? Is justice ever served by human standard, an eye for an eye, by a Supreme Being? Regardless of what you call the Supreme Being, does It exact an eye for an eye, or does It forgive everyone single soul? Does It take pity on souls that murdered other souls. Or, the souls that brought harm and hurt to humans, does It forgive them? Humans are slowly drifting further, and further, out of the gravitational pull of religion. Religion is at a turning point. Rejection, or Resurrection. Looking back through history religion was the foundation of purpose. The reason for punishment, murder, assault. It still is in some countries. Would a Deity really wish a human to harm another human because they had different thoughts? Different ideals than another. The Deity created life, why would it ask one life to take another life? It’s own creation. The whole thing is confusing, yet It refuses to reveal itself, as true, leaving many to believe It to be false.

In your heart of hearts, do you believe there is a day of reckoning for people?

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