Crazy Weather in Valley Springs

According to my calendar it’s nearly mid June, but its been raining for two days!  This crazy weather in Valley Springs has dampened a few of the Summer events!

Yesterday, June 8th, Thursday, was the 8th grade graduation ceremony, well, now-a-days they call it a promotion, not a graduation……anywaysssss, the ceremony started out with fair weather.  A few clouds were floating about, and the weather was in the 70s. When the graduating class was seated, out on the lawn of the track field, the rain started to pour!  Then, a cold northern wind started up.  I was shivering under an umbrella.  I felt so bad for those kids, out there in the rain, in dresses, and suits, nylons and ties, all getting soaked.  I don’t know if they weren’t allowed to have anything in their hands, or what, but not one student had an umbrella to protect them from the weather.

Kids, being kids, were so excited about the graduation, oops, promotion, they didn’t feel the rain, or wind, for the most part.  When it was all over, they came hurrying up to the parking lost to find their parent(s) that had retreated to their warm, dry, vehicles to watch from their vehicles.  An eighth grade class of drowned rats, that’s what I saw.  Cute rats, all soaking wet in their Sunday best.

I was surprised that the rain has kept the Hogan, and Pardee, fishermen at home.  Last evening, there was one boat on Hogan Lake, and nobody fishing from the shore.  Isn’t rainy weather the best time to fish?  I don’t know.  But the moon was beautiful glimmering over Hogan Dam!

The rain is persisting through Saturday so far.  Not a heavy rain, but enough to get you wet after a few minutes. The humidity is up.  I didn’t check what it’s at exactly, but you can feel it in the air pretty heavy. The weather man says it should clear up later today, we shall see, he also said it wouldn’t rain Friday. I guess they can’t be right all the time.

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