Concert Band Festival

The Concert Band just got back from their Disneyland Festival Trip.

A few bars from the concert band rehearsing.

The Calaveras Concert and Symphonic Bands were invited to play at Disneyland’s Concert Festival. Bands, choir people and stringed instrument players from all over competed for trophies.  The bands played fantastic, but they didn’t bring home an award as a group. One of the Calaveras student did bring home the individual award for his category, flute.

It was a long trip by bus for all the kids, but well worth the ride from what I am told.  A hotel with an indoor pool, a breakfast buffet and, of course, Disneyland all awaited their arrival!

The fun began Friday with a trip to a nearby college where the concert and symphonic bands spent some time warming up, then playing their best performance before a panel of judges.  The concert was incredible. Everyone played their absolute best.

After their performance the entourage of thirty plus band members were returned to their hotel and headed over to Disneyland for the day.

That evening the panel of judges presented their choice of winners. Everyone met at the Disneyland stadium and awards were presented.  After the awards ceremony it was all out Disneyland for these kids!  Teenager fun at its best!

The kids spent Saturday at the theme park as well; returning home on Sunday.  Irregardless of who won and who did not, it is an adventure they will never forget.  Congratulation Calaveras High School Bands!!

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