Calypso Is Back Home

So, here we are, Calypso is in the paddock, George is in the pasture. First thing this morning I went out to feed, and those two are standing as close as the fence, and corral panels with allow.  I’m thinking, “They may as well be in the pasture together at this rate.”

After I fed, while Calypso was busy eating, I pulled out my biggest tarp (you can buy one of these behemoth tarps at that link). This thing is around 30′ x 40′, it is huge. I folded it in half length wise, then draped it along the top of the paddock panels. Being clever, as I thought I was, Calypso wouldn’t be able to see him as easily. Calypso watched my every move while she was eating.

Around noon I hear something that sounded like a plastic bag fluttering through the yard. Then, I heard it again, and again.  I start thinking,”There can’t be that many plastic bags fluttering through this yard, so I get up to see what it is.  To my irritation, Calypso had ripped the tarp down. Not only did she tear it down, she was in it, on it, pawing it, playing in it, while George watched her. I bet George was laughing inside!

I went out and struggled to get the tarp out of the paddock while Calyspo stood on it, walked over to me to nose me a bit, then go back to pawing at the tarp, and standing on it. If I wasn’t so tired of this love connection between these two horses, it would have been funny.

Around five o’clock I decided I better take Calypso out for some grazing, and grooming.  She was so good at my friends house I wanted to get her out now, while she still remembered how nice she was the previous days over there.

No sooner did I have the halter on her, and George started in! Calypso was respectful of my leading her, but the more George nickered, the more agitated Calypso became.  I knew better than to try and hang onto the lead line while she grazed, she would only get worse as he called to her, so I tied her to the horse trailer.  George could see her and continued his antics. Calypso was getting very agitated, but she couldn’t go anywhere tied to the trailer.  Then, I had another genius moment, I opened the back trailer door all the way, now George couldn’t see her, and she couldn’t see him.  At first this caused Calypso to paw the ground, and nicker back.  I sat down and decided to wait it out until she calmed down, even if it took all night!

About 45 minutes later, Calypso had finally accepted that she was going to stay tied, so she may as well calm down. I could approach her without her swinging herself around on me.  I called my daughter out just in case Calypso decided to do something stupid, like rear up and spin around me again, I had my daughter take a lead line, and I attached another one, and we walked her back to her paddock together.  It all went smooth.  She hesitated when she realized she was going back to her paddock and not out with George, but only hesitated then continued on to her paddock.

I’m thinking she needs to practice just being tied to the trailer, or fence, or whatever, everyday for a while.  Maybe put the saddle on her while she is tied.  She has shown me that she has no patience what-so-ever, so maybe practicing it will be a good step in the right direction.  Thoughts?

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