Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – Part 9

Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – Part 9

I’ve been busy with my other business all week so it’s been up to my daughter to run Calypso’s routine everyday by herself and she’s done exactly that. I’m excited to see where we are with this mare. We should see some results here soon.

Here she is Saturday morning warming up.  Calypso has tons of energy so lounging isn’t a question, it’s a must.  Her shoulder muscles have really developed over the course of this re-training.  She always felt a little wobbly when we would ride her (yeah, just at a walk she was wobbly).  Now that her muscles have developed so well the wobble is gone.  It makes it easier for the horse as well.  If you watch the video’s you can see that Calypso is learning how to trot and lope with the saddle.  If you’ve been following along you know that she hasn’t done much trotting or loping.  She goes into a bucking fit.  But now that we are getting past that you can see she’s learning to just forget the saddle and focus on her handler.

So, here she is warming up…

After her warm up, she’s saddled and lounged again.  She’s saddled and worked with no reins first…

Calypso is progressing really well.  She’s a very nosy mare.  If she can get a hold of something she’ll play with it.  We have to lock paddocks with an extra clip because of her playing with the latch until it opens.  And then she got a hold of her bags we hang off the saddle horn and…she tore them to little shreds.  Until we pick up more bags we can’t put them on.  But that’s okay. She can still work out without the bags attached.

Slowly, but surely, we’re breaking the buck out of Calypso. The trot its absolutely gone.  The lope, well, I’m not too sure.  She still shows signs that she’s thinking about it.  This next week we should see the end of it and put a rider on her back! (Sorry, needed to clear my throat at the beginning of the video just in case I needed to holler something).

Things are really looking good! Re-training takes twice as long as it would if Calypso had been trained correctly from the start.  The old habit needs to be removed and the desirable habit instilled and then repeated over and over until the old habit is gone.

Consistency is of the utmost importance. Your horse needs to trust that when say or do something it will mean the same thing every time.  Changing cues is confusing to a horse and can sabotage your training.  Once a horse is trained well the cues can be muddled (example: when kids ride the horse or a novice rider) and it won’t be as detrimental to the horse as it is when the horse is just learning.

This week we’ll take her out of the arena and put a person on her back for a lope!  That should be interesting to watch!

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