Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – Part 8

Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – Part 8

I wasn’t going to post this post Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso because it was my total fail on the video.  I was busy chatting while I was supposed to be recording.

So, the video starts after  I was supposed to start recording, like by 15 seconds, but still, fail on my part.

Let me fill you in on the plan…

Calypso has the trot down and we started the lope, which we knew she was going to protest just like she did the trot.  Our method of ignore her fit and push her through it has proven itself at the trot, so we are following through with it to the lope.  In the video from Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – Part 7 we have one of the first times Calypso is pushed into a lope, in which she had her fit and wash pushed through it.

Today it was time to add the bags.  The bags are a simple method of simulating something (or someone) on the saddle.  Yep, you know it, Calypso will pitch another fit merely from having something astride the saddle.  She is not past the buck on an empty saddle, but we want to add the bags now.  Either way she’s going to do her fit, so we may as well have her outfitted for it with the bags.  The bags are weighted, they’re noisy, and provide the rhythmic bouncing associated with a rider up.  I apologize for my tardy start-up of the video, then in my panic to get the recorder going I fumbled the focus!  Here’s how the bagged saddle, loping, went…

It looks like we have a couple of weeks to go on this loping venture!  We’re almost done rehabilitating this chronic bucking.  We’ll run her again with the bags tomorrow.  It’ll be two or three more times before we’ll see a complete stop of the bucking here.  Then repeat, repeat, repeat until it’s a habit to lope quietly.

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