Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – Part 7

Well, I’m a couple of days late posting this.  My real world job called and I had to go for a couple of days, but we did run Calypso’s routine on Saturday to a very good success!

We expected she would buck when asked to lope.  This is what the whole project is about, Breaking the buck out of Calypso.  She’s past bucking when asked to trot/jog. You can see earlier video’s of breaking the buck out of Calypso’s trot/job in video’s #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.   We’ve been running her routine over and over to make certain it is her new behavior.

So, we bumped it up the other day to lope.  You can watch the results to that one here.

Again, Saturday, we ran her routine including loping, with the elastic tie downs.  Calypso starts snorting in irritation as if she knows what’s coming!  She starts into the lope on cue, throws a fit, stops and goes into a beautiful lope in either direction. It’s enough to bring you to tears (If you can grasp just how far we’ve come with this mare!).

This is a very transitional period for Calypso.  She has the tie-downs on, the saddle and being pushed to lope.  The full regalia!  She’s swinging her head in protest to the tie-down.  When she’s asked to lope she wants to throw her head up and take off like a shot like she’s done in the past which leads to a bucking fit and a panicked lope.  We employed the tie-downs a few weeks ago in anticipation of this moment that we needed to pull her out of the panicked lope by getting her to slow down and focus on a relaxed lope.  The tie-downs keep her head down, thus making her slow down, which alleviates the panicked lope.

This is a perfect video to see the sudden transition from a panicked lope and bucking to the horse slowing down and the trainer gaining the control by calm, consistent cues.  You will notice the whip is never employed except as a directional device.  She’s working with the side pull, aka drop nose band with reins attached, elastic tie downs and nothing more.

Next, weighted backs attached to the saddle to simulate a rider somewhat.  Spoiler alert…Calypso doesn’t appreciate it!

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