Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – Part 6

We’ve come current with Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso.  The previous five posts I recaptured what my daughter and I have been doing with Calypso and how it started.  Now we are up to date.  What happens from here on out is what just happened today (well, maybe yesterday).

So, we are breaking the buck out of Calypso.  She’s totally past the trotting buck, totally.  She doesn’t think about it at all when asked to trot.  So we bumped it up to loping.  The previous post is the first time she’s asked to lope, and she didn’t want to.  Well, guess what?  She still doesn’t want to…

She didn’t buck as much as yesterday, maybe all that dust made her tired change her mind about kicking up even more!  Who knows.  Anyways, we are keeping with the tactic of pretty much ignoring the bucking and continue the exercise.  That worked really well when she was bucking when asked to trot.  As a matter of fact she would start bucking before she even started trotting, and look at her now!  She’ll trot for days without a problem, so I feel the same method will work well here. If we make a big deal out of her bucking, then it will become a game for the horse.  Ignoring it, even pressing her to continue loping, she’ll become tired of it and stop.  Especially if the bucking does nothing for her. She still has to lope, or trot, or whatever, even if she bucks.

My daughter is still working her from the ground most of the time.  She does ride her on the property walking and jogging because we are totally past those problems. It’s really cool when she rides her and we remember how horrible this mare was just almost a year ago and now she’s a whole different animal! An observer can see that Calypso enjoys just walking around the property with my daughter astride. A year ago Calypso would have been focused on who’s on her back and what she could do to dislodge it (The human). Now she looks ahead, ears forward, relaxed/eager stride, it’s really cool to see.  I’ll get a video of it this weekend hopefully.

Tomorrow we can’t work her, so Saturday we will run her through her routine as usual.  The tie downs (very elastic so not a standing type tie down) will be notched one more ring tighter and weighted bags will be attached to the saddle. And we’ll practice that lope again, and again, and again, and again…..

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