Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso Part 10

Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso Part 10

This is Part 10 of Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – Ride ‘er Cowgirl!

The same routine day in and day out is getting boring for both cowgirl and horse.  Calypso is much, much better about bucking when asked to lope, but it’s not gone, not yet.

After a nice workout warming her up she was saddled and put through her paces.  When Calypso was asked to lope she didn’t necessarily buck, but she did some hopping on her front feet.  She was obviously seriously considering it, but chose not to.  Good choice Calypso.

Calypso was running around a bit faster than I like to see.  The tie-downs work wonders slowing her down.  They have helped control where her head sets walking and loping which allows better focus.

As I mentioned, both horse and cowgirl are bored with the arena work. They have spent many hours in that arena and come a long way.  My daughter decided it was time to try Calypso with a rider up!  Calypso is not past the loping buck like she will be and like she is past the trotting buck.

This turned out to be very interesting!  This is what makes miles of difference between a great rider and a poor rider.  A great rider listens to what she is told a poor rider complains that they can’t hear you, or they just ignore what your telling them to do to save their butt!  I have had both types of students.  I refuse to work with the later type anymore.  When they will not listen and apply what you tell them they get hurt.

I’ll work with a student all day long if they listen and apply what is said!  Case in point:  watch what happens when Calypso is asked to lope for the first time with a rider on her back and the rider listens to what she is told, applies what she is told and averted a dangerous situation and came out way on top of this feisty mare (or maybe I should stay “still on top of this feisty mare”)!

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