Breaking The Buck Out Of Calypso – 2019! Part 11

Hey everyone!  We’ve been breaking the buck out of Calypso – 2019 is here and we’re looking to finish up breaking her buck and start showing her!We had to put Calypso’s workout on hold due to a bunch of rain.  Our arena isn’t covered, so, yeah, mud and lots of it.  Slipping and sliding is no fun for horse or trainer, so Calypso’s training has been on hold for a few weeks.

Calypso’s training may have been on hold, but we were talking it up about the next steps we plan on taking with her.  She is completely past the trotting buck, we haven’t witnessed that for a year now.  We are confident she is nearing the end of her loping buck.  When it’s dry enough we’ll see where she is at with it.  Then, we schedule some shows!!  Halter and a Western walk/jog entry will be a good start for Calypso who’s never put a hoof in a show arena.  We both want absolute certainty that the buck problem is gone, and I believe we are very close!

The arena has dried enough that we had a couple of days to resume Calypso’s training.  We were anxious to see if Calypso had digressed in her training since we had to take the rainy days off.  It’s been about three weeks.

That was beautiful!  She’s rolling into a lope without a thought about the saddle on her back!  About half-way through the video she gives a kick but I’m not concerned with it. She has a lot of energy and she’s been standing around for two weeks.  I don’t think it’s an issue since the rest of the time she did fine.  When she was in her panic run I am impressed with her spinning on her heel when told to turn!

We are both really excited to see Calypso had not digressed in these past weeks, she actually progressed!

We have a forecast of rain for as far as the meteorologist can see.  But Calypso will be back on stage as soon as it’s dry enough to do arena work with her.

See you then! Happy Trails!

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