Breaking the Buck Out of Calypso – 2019!

We are getting such a terribly late start on this Season!! Between work, school, activities, here we are in July! Life gets rolling on by before you know it!!

If you have been following along with us we’ve been Breaking the Buck Out of Calypso since 2017 to be honest. This isn’t one of those video series where one scene the horse is acting disobedient, then the next scene it’s a fully trained show horse like I’ve found on the internet. This is real-time, as it happens, training! You will see the triumphs and the fails (like starting the season so late!) of Breaking the Buck Out of Calypso!

To catch any new comers up to date – Calypso is a beautiful little mare that was not properly trained in her youth, my fault. I allowed children to fill in the training time I couldn’t spend. Calypso developed a terrible habit of bucking anytime she didn’t feel like doing as requested! Not just a little bucking, but full-on rodeo style. She wanted the rider off and she wanted the rider off right now! As kids are, and should be, when Calypso would act up IE: shake her head indicating a buck was on it’s way, they would put her away. This ingrained in Calypso to buck or threaten to buck and she’d be put back.

When a horse learns a behavior like this it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Many. many, many, people told us to forget it, she’s set in her way and a danger to ride. We knew otherwise. It would take time, a lot of time, with the proper trainer and proper rider combination to get rid of this habit. Not just get rid of the habit, but completely modify this mares methods so the buck would be gone, completely. I know many horses that have been re-trained when bucking became a problem. But it’s never gone, gone. It’s there in them and at the most inopportune moments they revert back to it. The key is time. To completely remove the buck from a horse is a lot of time and CONSISTENT method of training.

Here is Calypso for the first time this year under saddle (We are still on the ground half the time and on her back the other half) at the trot.

Unintentionally Calypso rolls into the lope on her own! You can hear me exclaim, “Shit” because I missed it for you guys. I got part of it. It was loping of her own design. She wasn’t requested to lope, she was just feeling good and stepped into it on her own. It was VERY promising. Tomorrow we will be asking her to lope! Ha, ha, now that’s a whole other ballgame! Hopefully she’ll roll out like she did today on her own!

She remembers everything from the last season and look how perfect this girl rolls out!

We are going right into requesting a lope tomorrow. As you can see Calypso is totally done with bucking at the trot or when requested to trot. She simply rolls out to a beautiful trot. Now, the plan is to have Calypso lope as often as possible with the saddle on. First asking for a lope, then pressing her to lope for an extended period, if there is no bucking. If there is bucking we push her harder for a couple of laps and then try again for a nice performance. Once we get through this last leg thy will be done!

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