Breaking The Buck Out of Calypso – 2019 Lope

All the hard work has paid off!

When she was asked to lope she rolled into it without question! If you remember Calypso was adamant that she was going to buck if she was asked to lope. . .

Calypso was a pill! Before she even starts into the lope you see her shake her head and then she takes off into that wild, out of control, lope stopping to buck every now and again with no pressure from the trainer. She is only asked to keep going and that is the fit Calypso used to put up! The trainer has no whip, there’s no “danger” or pressure. She just didn’t want to be told to lope!

Towards the end of the dry season last year we were having Calypso lope often during her sessions. When she would buck, like every time, strong pressure would be put on her to keep moving. If she’s going to buck, then she’s going to keep on loping. It worked! Calypso has shown us a whole new attitude about loping this year! See for yourself. . .

The progress with Calypso is very rewarding. At this point she is done with bucking at the trot and nearly done with it at the lope. To squeeze the last bit of bucking at the lope out of her we will be pressing her to lope further. Calypso is moving into the lope smoothly, now, but we have not pressed her on. She lopes a couple of times around and slows to a trot. To squeeze out the last of the loping buck from now on, when she slows down to trot she will be pressed to continue loping. She will become irritated that she is not allowed to slow to a trot when she wants to, and that’s what we want. When she’s irritated is when she’s going to pitch a fit, a fit of. . . bucking, right!

We will continue this pressing to lope further until she will continue loping without any signs of pitching a bucking fit. Then, and only then, we will be able to announce that we have Broken the Buck Out of Calypso for good!

Keep watching for more posts!

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