All This Rain Will Affect Fishing In The Valley Springs Area

All this rain will affect fishing in Valley Springs area.  Depending on your personal feeling about rain will determine if it’s a good or bad affect.

If you’re not big on going outdoors in the rain then it will definitely affect you adversely.  For those of us that really don’t care if it’s raining, or actually enjoy the rain, the fish are out there waiting to be caught!

The forecast for the tri-dam area shows rain, rain and more rain.  A break from the rain is expected January 10, and then back to it on the 11th.  Those two days should prove to be good days for fishing!

The way I see it, fish will feed in cold weather, albeit they feed less.  Fish move slower as the mercury drops.  They’re cold blooded like snakes.  Snakes hibernate when the weather turns cold.  Fish slow down, but they still feed.  Big fish will take advantage and eat smaller, slower, fish that tend to gather near the shore to feed in the cold weather. That’s where your pole should be sittin’.

Just before a storm hits, during the squaw, is the best time to fish, but once the rain starts all is not lost!

Bass, trout and sunfish enjoy the rain. Insects that hover over the water are pushed into the water by raindrops making for a easy hearty meal for them.

To sum it up; with the fish moving slower, their tendency to feed on the bugs that have been plunged into the water by the rain and the fact that some fish feed on the smaller fish that are now near the shore, you can use all of this information to your advantage.  Employ a slow moving trolling lure and smaller bait.  Set-up camp, start a campfire and fish from the bank.  You have nothing to lose and you’ll more than likely come home with a few fish on the line!

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