Afternoon Fire Near Moke Hill

A fire this afternoon East of Moke Hill, just past the Jesus Maria Road turn, brought out the neighborhood.  The dry grass, typical at the end of summer, and the memories of the too recent Butte Fire in this area, has everyone on high alert for the slightest indication of a fire.  PG&E, who I hear just recently took responsibility for the Butte Fire, has air patrols go out everyday keeping a watchful eye out for smoke.

Fire near Jesus Maria Road

This fire today, Monday, September 30, 2018 started about  pm. The field was engulfed by 3 pm. Neighbors, fire fighters and air support were of the plenty.

I haven’t heard anything this evening, and there’s no smoke in sight from my vantage point, so it looks like they have it covered!  Cheers!

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