A Conflict of Interest

There is a conflict of interest in our U.S. Prison System, or I should say, one of many conflicts of interest.  Today I’ve got one on my mind that has been plaguing me for many years.


I have first hand knowledge of these events because one of the people involved has known my family for thirty plus years, and the other is a very dear friend.

For the purpose of anonymity, and to protect those involved from retaliation, I will refer to them as Inmate A, and Inmate B.

Inmate A has a long list of offenses starting back when he was 14 years old.  He has spent more time inside jail than he has outside. Inmate A is what people refer to as a violent alcoholic.  When he drinks alcoholic he loses his mind almost instantly.  Picking fights, vandalizing his belongings, and those of others, howling like an animal into the wee hours of the morning. When most of us would pass out over consumption, Inmate A does not.  He has had several charges levied against him over the years.  Everything from of alcoholism (requiring multiple stints in diversion programs), violence, drunk in public, resisting arrest, fleeing from the scene, assault on an officer, assault on a patrol car, all the way to attempted murder.  Yes, attempted murder.

The attempted murder charge came after he had fallen in love with a woman.  One morning, after a night of making love and drinking heavily, this woman decided she wanted to get something off her chest.  She confessed to him that she was HIV positive.  Whether this statement was true or not, nobody knows.  But the way he handled it was witnessed by several people.  Inmate A went into an alcohol fueled rage.  The woman was barely able to escape the room in which they had been staying.  She took to the street to find the nearest bus station.  Inmate A jumped in his car and went looking for her.  He espied her walking on the other side of the street.  He drove his car over the center median, across three lanes of on coming traffic, jumped the curb and floored it straight for her.  The woman heard all the noise of Inmate A completing his obstacle course and turned around just in time to leap out-of-the-way of his car.  He narrowly missed her, thank goodness, and went careening into the side of the building.  He was charged with attempted murder and was sentenced to eight years in prison.  He served just over four years and was released.  Inmate A is an American citizen.

Inmate B came to the U. S. in search of work and a hopeful future, just like everyone else that came to America.  He was happy to take those jobs nobody else wants, digging holes, digging trenches, trash pick up, he would do just about anything for employment.  He was learning English from friends, this helped in finding work, but job were few and far between. His status as an illegal immigrant made a good job impossible.  He spent his weekends working on cars, playing darts and such with friends. For a two month period he couldn’t find any work.  He couldn’t get public aid, so he turned to selling drugs to get him through this rough period.  He was caught selling.  He was sentenced to two years in prison.  After serving his time, he was immediately deported back to his homeland Mexico.  Nothing had changed there.  There was no work, and no hope for any work in the near, or distant future. He felt the opportunities in the U.S. outweighed the lack of opportunities in Mexico and he decided it was worth the risk to return.

He again, found jobs here and there, and during the times of no work, he went back to selling, then he would quit when he found work.  During a long unemployment period, he went for a drive with a friend.  The vehicle he was in had a brake light out.  They were stopped by the highway patrol.  The driver was released to go, but Inmate B was not.  They found a small amount of drugs he had been selling and arrested him.  He was charged with possession with intent to sell, and for crossing the border illegally, for the second time.  Inmate B was sentenced to ten years in state prison!  He served every one of those ten years.  On his release date he was taken to see the judge.  The judge imposed another eight years for disobeying his original order when he crossed the border.  Another EIGHT years for crossing the border against a judges orders.  His release was denied and he was taken back to prison.

Personally I think it is ridiculous that we are footing the bill for Inmate B to remain in prison, while violent criminals are released due to over-crowding!  Do we have anyone, without financial motives, in there managing any of this?  Why not?  It is ridiculous.

Shame on the judge! Shame on America for allowing such a ridiculous sentence!  Inmate B has been in prison for fourteen of the eighteen year sentence and he didn’t even try to hurt anyone! Inmate A tried to kill a woman!  He paid four years for it.  What in the world is going on here?!

I have personally apologized to Inmate B on behalf of the American people for this outrage!

I have since learned why Inmate B has been sentenced to further years, in which he will serve every last day of.  Besides a judge with a chip on his shoulder, illegal aliens command a higher price than American inmates.  More on that subject is here.  Nearly double the amount paid for an American is paid for an illegal alien.  Why? Who knows!  Why is attempted murder a slap on the wrist and crossing the border is a life sentence?!  This is just crazy lunacy!  And it’s happening everyday.  Right now, Inmate B is still in prison.  Right now, people are being sentenced to ridiculous prison terms just like this one.  Right now, we need to speak up where ever we can to put a stop to it when a ridiculous, wasteful, judgement that imprisons people (people! not Mexicans, not Americans, people!) are passed down.  Stop sitting idly by hoping someone else will take care of it. This is our America where Justice For All means something!




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