The Mystery of Western Horse Tack – Solved!

The Mystery of Western Horse Tack – Solved! Is a book I am very proud of. I just had a book signing over the April 29th weekend promoting this very book!  I sold several copies in which the patron always asked me to write  a special note inside. The paperback version can be purchased here, and here with a discount!

This book came to mind when I thought of how often, over the years, I’ve noticed a new piece of horse equipment brought into the horse circles, and people will put it on their horse with no idea what it is for, or how to use it.  The main reason many of the items are bought is because it looked cool on so-and-so’s horse!

I have witnessed people use a tie-down as a permanent part of their horse tack.  It is as permanent as their saddle! The tie-down is a training device, not standard riding equipment. I hope, by educating people about horse equipment, with this book, these poor horses won’t be wearing training equipment all of their life.

I was so happy to see kids reading my book, as well as adults. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can start learning at any age. This book covers everything from the hoof to the halter!  There’s pictures and examples throughout it too.

Calypso Is Back Home

So, here we are, Calypso is in the paddock, George is in the pasture. First thing this morning I went out to feed, and those two are standing as close as the fence, and corral panels with allow.  I’m thinking, “They may as well be in the pasture together at this rate.”

After I fed, while Calypso was busy eating, I pulled out my biggest tarp (you can buy one of these behemoth tarps at that link). This thing is around 30′ x 40′, it is huge. I folded it in half length wise, then draped it along the top of the paddock panels. Being clever, as I thought I was, Calypso wouldn’t be able to see him as easily. Calypso watched my every move while she was eating.

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