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Sit Pretty!

The sit pretty is an extension of the sit command.  This is another word I interchange between English and my chosen foreign language for Misty.  I like her to know both, and then I eventually drop the English version. One of the commands I use the foreign version of turned out to mean lay down for her.

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Misty Learns a New Language

Misty became a solid part of our family quickly.  After those first weeks of tying to the couch she realized that this was permanent.  She wasn’t going back to that cement and steel home at the shelter.  If a dog can be thankful, (which I believe they can, and are) Misty was thankful.  She became my full-time companion.  If I had to leave her for an extended period, like for work, so I could earn money to buy her doggy treats.  My kids told me that Misty would become obviously depressed.  They couldn’t get her to do anything.  She’d lay on the chair waiting for me to come home.

When I wasn’t working, we were inseparable. She is very willing to please me, aren’t almost all dogs like that?  Every dog I’ve met always appeared to want to please their human parent.

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