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It’s Been Too Darn Hot

It’s been too darn hot to work with Calypso here where I live.  On average, the mercury has been steadily above 95 degree’s everyday.  Last week we saw 104, 107 and 109.  Personally, I can’t do the heat at all. I start to wilt when it hits the 90’s.  I can’t imagine riding a horse in 100 degree weather, let alone put a big hot saddle on a horse in that kind of heat.  I know, I know, I’m putting human emotions into a horse.  The difference here is I can see the sweat dripping from their body after a ride in the hot weather, they have to be feeling hot.

Like I said, I wilt.  I can’t do the hot weather at all.  Every year, when the hot weather starts, I become ill with flu like symptoms for about a week.  Then I acclimate to the heat, but I still can’t go out in it. I should move somewhere cooler, like Montana.  I wish I had it in me to make a move like that.  It’s not like I have a lot of family here where I’m at.  I do, but it wouldn’t be any different living 1,000 miles away, or 10 miles away.  We text once in a while, visits are rare, so living far away really wouldn’t be any different.  This is a point I should ponder!

So, until this weather cools down I won’t be doing any work with Calypso.  She’s out there enjoying George and getting fat.  She’s happy.

Things Are Looking Up With Calypso, I Think

Things are looking up with Calypso, I think, or am I fostering false hope?  I have been swamped with appointments the last couple of days, so Calypso hasn’t had the saddle back on since the 5th.  I did separate her and George on the 6th, and George isn’t going into fits about it this time.  He keeps pulling the tarp down, just like Calypso did, but without the stepping on it, and trying to rip it, gusto that Calypso put into her work with the tarp.  I hang it back up every time he pulls it down.

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Saddled Calypso

Like I said in my previous post, I thought it would be a good idea to have Calypso practice tying.  Today I was able to get Calypso out of the paddock and George into the paddock, not an easy task!  Calypso likes to stretch her legs in the pasture, so I let her run around for a while.

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Calypso Is Back Home

So, here we are, Calypso is in the paddock, George is in the pasture. First thing this morning I went out to feed, and those two are standing as close as the fence, and corral panels with allow.  I’m thinking, “They may as well be in the pasture together at this rate.”

After I fed, while Calypso was busy eating, I pulled out my biggest tarp (you can buy one of these behemoth tarps at that link). This thing is around 30′ x 40′, it is huge. I folded it in half length wise, then draped it along the top of the paddock panels. Being clever, as I thought I was, Calypso wouldn’t be able to see him as easily. Calypso watched my every move while she was eating.

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