Book Signing – The Mystery of Western Tack – Solved

The book signing for my book The Mystery of Western Tack – Solved was a success! I am so happy about it. Several of my books sold!  One customer was a vendor at the craft fair. He came back the next day to tell me how much he was enjoying my book, and he likes the way I write. I met so many new people as well. I’m looking forward to the next book signing in October!  I will have more variety of books to sign at that show.

New Significant Other

Here we go with another randomly picked scenario of interest.  As I said before I will make this as gender non-specific as possible except for the children.  This scenario involves a new significant other…

There are two children, an 8 yr old girl, and a 14 yr old girl.  They are both visiting parent #1.  Parent #1 has a new significant other in their life. This significant other does not seem to get along with the 14 yr old girl, but gets along fine with the 8 yr old girl.

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Saddled Calypso

Like I said in my previous post, I thought it would be a good idea to have Calypso practice tying.  Today I was able to get Calypso out of the paddock and George into the paddock, not an easy task!  Calypso likes to stretch her legs in the pasture, so I let her run around for a while.

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Left Outside

This post, Left Outside, will be the first of what may turn into many posts about Parents Acting Poorly. I saved many scenario’s that friends related to me, situations I’ve read about and some are from personal knowledge. What I’m hoping to achieve here is an audience opinion of proper parental etiquette. A dump blog is not what this is intended for. I understand situations can be very upsetting for a parent, but this is not the place for blowing off steam.  This is for learning from our mistakes, and learning who’s mistake, ethically, it was. Kind of a self-healing thing. Discover who was probably, ethically at fault, and if that turns out to be you, learn and grow from that. If you were right, try not to gloat too much.

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Calypso Is Back Home

So, here we are, Calypso is in the paddock, George is in the pasture. First thing this morning I went out to feed, and those two are standing as close as the fence, and corral panels with allow.  I’m thinking, “They may as well be in the pasture together at this rate.”

After I fed, while Calypso was busy eating, I pulled out my biggest tarp (you can buy one of these behemoth tarps at that link). This thing is around 30′ x 40′, it is huge. I folded it in half length wise, then draped it along the top of the paddock panels. Being clever, as I thought I was, Calypso wouldn’t be able to see him as easily. Calypso watched my every move while she was eating.

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Home, Sweet Tone – Revised Edition

Home, Sweet Tone is, again, a book filled with useful information.  I don’t feel I was able to catch the essence of this book in the summary. This book talks about the tone in everyone’s home, the feel, the aura, or sense of a home.

I first recognized my own home tone during my marriage. I couldn’t figure out why my spouse would commit small irritations when everything seemed to be going along great.  Then, he would stop for no apparent reason and go back to his usual self.  Then I saw it!

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The Mystery of The Ignition System – Solved! eBook

The mechanics of engines comes very easily to me. My great-grandfather was an inventor. As a point of interest, one of his many inventions was the hydraulic jack. Yeah, that was my great-grandfather, pretty crazy, I know. He invented several other items for GM trucks that are still employed today. So, the point I was getting at is, I was blessed with his genes for mechanical understanding. I particularly enjoy the ignition system in automobiles.

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The Mystery of the Automotive Cooling System – Solved! eBook

The cooling system is so vital to the well-being of an engine.  The Mystery of the Automotive Cooling System was derived from a situation I encountered that was mind-boggling for me.

Let me explain; A friend of mine asked to borrow my truck when she was moving. I have no problem loaning one of my vehicles as long as it comes back the same way it left. Her move went just fine. My truck was a big help. She was tired, of course, after a big move like that, I understood.  But she wanted to get the truck back to me so she could call it done. I was in no hurry for the truck, I didn’t need it, but she wanted to return it that day.

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