Things Are Looking Up With Calypso, I Think

Things are looking up with Calypso, I think, or am I fostering false hope?  I have been swamped with appointments the last couple of days, so Calypso hasn’t had the saddle back on since the 5th.  I did separate her and George on the 6th, and George isn’t going into fits about it this time.  He keeps pulling the tarp down, just like Calypso did, but without the stepping on it, and trying to rip it, gusto that Calypso put into her work with the tarp.  I hang it back up every time he pulls it down. Read More

New Hogan Dam River

The mountains are full of snow waiting to ambush the New Hogan Lake that is already filled to capacity! It’s a beautiful site to see the lake filled with fresh water. It’s been several years since we’ve seen this much water here. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who manage this lake, have opened the dam. They are releasing water as fast as it will flow without flooding the Monte Vista Day Use area. The Calavaras River is flowing mightier than ever. They better keep those flood gates open because the snow melt has begun the deluge. 
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Pardee Reservoir – Valley Springs, CA

It looks like Pardee Reservoir is in the same boat as New Hogan Dam, at capacity.

Looking to the North, at Pardee Reservoir’s outlook, in Valley Springs, CA,
Looking at the Pardee Dam from the observation point.

Pardee Reservoir Engineers have opened the spillway creating a torrential outpouring of white water rapids!  Stepping out of your vehicle in the small parking lot you can feel the earth beneath your feet tremble from the burden of such an outpouring!

I know, I know, the picture is pixelated. My camera is a cell phone camera, a cheap cell phone camera. I’m working on getting a better camera.

Calypso Figured It Out!

I saw the moment Calypso figured it out!  If you’ve been reading my previous blogs I’ve been working with my filly, who’s now a mare, and I have some serious back problems.  I don’t want to give up on this mare just because of my back issue, but I have for two years.  I had an incident of her rearing up, then spinning around me, that laid me up for several days, so I don’t want to do that again! Read More

The Mystery of Western Horse Tack – Solved!

The Mystery of Western Horse Tack – Solved! Is a book I am very proud of. I just had a book signing over the April 29th weekend promoting this very book!  I sold several copies in which the patron always asked me to write  a special note inside. The paperback version can be purchased here, and here with a discount!

This book came to mind when I thought of how often, over the years, I’ve noticed a new piece of horse equipment brought into the horse circles, and people will put it on their horse with no idea what it is for, or how to use it.  The main reason many of the items are bought is because it looked cool on so-and-so’s horse!

I have witnessed people use a tie-down as a permanent part of their horse tack.  It is as permanent as their saddle! The tie-down is a training device, not standard riding equipment. I hope, by educating people about horse equipment, with this book, these poor horses won’t be wearing training equipment all of their life.

I was so happy to see kids reading my book, as well as adults. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can start learning at any age. This book covers everything from the hoof to the halter!  There’s pictures and examples throughout it too.