New Significant Other

Here we go with another randomly picked scenario of interest.  As I said before I will make this as gender non-specific as possible except for the children.  This scenario involves a new significant other…

There are two children, an 8 yr old girl, and a 14 yr old girl.  They are both visiting parent #1.  Parent #1 has a new significant other in their life. This significant other does not seem to get along with the 14 yr old girl, but gets along fine with the 8 yr old girl.

The 14 yr old acts like your typical teenager, she knows everything, it’s her house not the significant others house, etc.  Arguing ensues over some forgotten matter.  When the 14 yr old goes into the shower, the significant other takes her backpack out of her room, and goes through it.  When the 14 yr old comes out of the shower, she has no clothing to put on, it’s all in her backpack. The significant other won’t give it back and now parent #1 is going through the backpack as well.  The 14 yr old is told that they believe she is on drugs, that is why they are going through her backpack.

Eventually the 14 yr old gets the backpack back and puts some clothes on. She’s mad at this point, really mad.  Another argument ensues with the significant other.  The 14 yr old goes into her bedroom, followed by her 8 yr old sister.  Somehow, while arguing at the door with the significant other, the door becomes slightly ajar and the 8 yr old puts her arm through it to get something, to go back in, or bring something in, it is unclear, but her arm is through the gap in the door.  The significant other begins trying to force the door open while the 8 yr old has her arm through it, while the 14 yr old is trying to force it closed.  The 8 yr olds arm is crushing and she starts screaming, yet neither the 14 yr old, or the significant other stops.  They continue until the door is jostled enough that he 8 yr old can pull her arm back through, red and bruised. The door is slammed shut and locked.  Parent #1 returns home again and starts in with the 14 yr old yelling at her.  Never is the arm of the 8 yr old acknowledged, or iced. Police arrive at the same time parent #2 arrives (14 yr old called parent #2 to please come get her).  Parent #2 see’s the yr old’s arm is bruised, and red.  Parent #1 doesn’t seem to care, just keeps arguing, now with police as well.  Parent #2 takes children home.  Parent #2 now has a vendetta against the significant other for harming her arm.

What in the world is happening here?  Did the significant other have a right to take the 14 yr old’s backpack and go through it?  How much control should a new significant other have? What about the 8 yr old that had her arm crushed in the door?  Should parent #2 have pressed charges to have the significant other arrested for it? And the 14 yr old, is this just a case of a teenager, being a teenager?

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