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New Hogan Dam Restroom at Wrinkle Cove

New Hogan Lake is filled to capacity!  The restrooms can only be accessed by swimming or boat, and forget about finding the toilet in there!  This is the absolute fullest I’ve ever witnessed this lake to be in ten years!

The fishing is apparently at its peak.  Fisherman can be seen dotting the lake first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night.  Thank goodness New Hogan Lake covers such a large area, when it’s full, the fishing never feels crowded.  There’s plenty of room for everyone!

New Hogan Lake Fisherman

New Hogan Lake is one of the only lakes I know of that has fishing go on all night long.  Whether this is allowed, or just fisherman taking advantage in a hole in the rules, I don’t know, but I see people launching under moonlight and fishing through the night.  On the cool summer nights it sure looks like a relaxing way to spend the evening!