The Mystery of Western Horse Tack – Solved!

The Mystery of Western Horse Tack – Solved! Is a book I am very proud of. I just had a book signing over the April 29th weekend promoting this very book!  I sold several copies in which the patron always asked me to write  a special note inside. The paperback version can be purchased here, and here with a discount!

This book came to mind when I thought of how often, over the years, I’ve noticed a new piece of horse equipment brought into the horse circles, and people will put it on their horse with no idea what it is for, or how to use it.  The main reason many of the items are bought is because it looked cool on so-and-so’s horse!

I have witnessed people use a tie-down as a permanent part of their horse tack.  It is as permanent as their saddle! The tie-down is a training device, not standard riding equipment. I hope, by educating people about horse equipment, with this book, these poor horses won’t be wearing training equipment all of their life.

I was so happy to see kids reading my book, as well as adults. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can start learning at any age. This book covers everything from the hoof to the halter!  There’s pictures and examples throughout it too.

The Mystery of Caring For Your Horse – Solved!

This is another book in my series of The Mystery of…..Solved!.  The Mystery of Caring For Your Horse – Solved! devotes a chapter just on the feed.  I’ve learned, from years of owning a horse, that if the horse isn’t on a proper diet, he/she won’t be happy and weight loss will ensue.  Not all feed is the same, or quality horse feed.  You will get a lot of help choosing your feed and other horse related information in this book.

Book Signing – The Mystery of Western Tack – Solved

The book signing for my book The Mystery of Western Tack – Solved was a success! I am so happy about it. Several of my books sold!  One customer was a vendor at the craft fair. He came back the next day to tell me how much he was enjoying my book, and he likes the way I write. I met so many new people as well. I’m looking forward to the next book signing in October!  I will have more variety of books to sign at that show.