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The Mystery of Automotive SMOG – Solved!

I have always enjoyed writing, ever since I was a school age girl.  I don’t have the imagination for fiction novels.  I am far more intrigued with non-fiction, and books for learning.  So, you will find, most, if not all but one of my books, are based on realistic, everyday life events.

This book, The Mystery of Automotive SMOG – Solved! is one of the first books I wrote in The Mystery of… series.  When I was rebuilding my 1969 Corvette I was intimidated by the SMOG system.

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The Mystery of Basic Automotive Repairs and Services Book

Like my eBook Driver Eyes this book goes over the more mechanical side of what every driver should know about their vehicle.

When I was training my students how to drive I always asked them the same question on their third lesson, “At this point, you are about to start driving alone, if you pass the Behind the Wheel test at the DMV.  You will be able to drive alone.  Tell me, do you know how to change the tire on your car?”  My question would be answered by the look in their eyes…..surprise.  No, they did not know how to change the tire on their car.  Often, they would ask me if that was going to be part of the Behind the Wheel test?  No, but it should be!

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Drivers Eyes eBook

I was a licensed driving instructor for years. Sixteen and Seventeen yr old students made of the vast majority of my clients. Older people were rare.  I had more foreign drivers looking to learn how to drive in America than I did older drivers that needed a brush up course.

Through my younger students I learned just how much, they didn’t know about driving.

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What To Do About Calypso

I asked anyone, and everyone, who would listen, “What would you suggest I do about these two horses?  I can’t take the one out (George) without the other (Calypso) having a fit! I have back issues, so I have to be careful about what I do. I hate to give up on her, yet.” I explained what had happened when I last took her out and she flipped out, rearing and spinning around me.  I explained how I was laid up for a week after that. But nobody had any answers.

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Misty Learns a New Language

Misty became a solid part of our family quickly.  After those first weeks of tying to the couch she realized that this was permanent.  She wasn’t going back to that cement and steel home at the shelter.  If a dog can be thankful, (which I believe they can, and are) Misty was thankful.  She became my full-time companion.  If I had to leave her for an extended period, like for work, so I could earn money to buy her doggy treats.  My kids told me that Misty would become obviously depressed.  They couldn’t get her to do anything.  She’d lay on the chair waiting for me to come home.

When I wasn’t working, we were inseparable. She is very willing to please me, aren’t almost all dogs like that?  Every dog I’ve met always appeared to want to please their human parent.

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Some Things Good for Calypso, Some Things Not So Good

My back issues drug on for what seemed timeless.  The pain had its own schedule regardless of what I wanted scheduled.  My badgering to my daughter to do something, anything, with Calypso finally took hold. She started spending time with her.  First, lounging her in the arena, teaching her commands such as whoa, trot, etc.  Then came the saddle which Calypso wasn’t very pleased about.  She put up a bucking fit when she had it put on the first time.

My daughter had never trained a horse before, and Calypso had never been taught.  I know, I know, this was a poor combination, but there were no other options available.

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Crazy Legs Misty

I had the newspaper laid out on the bed next to the pile of laundry I was folding.  I rarely found time to read the paper, this was a good opportunity to catch up on the local news.

I wasn’t looking for anything particular as I flipped through pages of ads and services, when I came to the Pet section.  There, in a 2″ x 2″ box was the most beautiful dog I had ever laid eyes on.

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Time Passed

Apparently it takes a long time for a back to heal.  I thought a month would be plenty of time, I was wrong, again.  When I performed a task, like doing dishes, or laundry, I’d be laid up afterward for two or three days with pain. As time passed, I always had my mind on Calypso.  I knew how much she wanted human attention, but I couldn’t give it to her.  I needed to take care of myself first, then I could dedicate my all to her.

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My Filly Calypso

I began a blog about raising my new filly back in 2013.  I was excited to share the day to day pleasures, and pains, of training a young filly.

As fate would have it, I injured my back severely just a week after we got her home.  With two herniated disks (one protruding, the other partially) which allowed my L4 to slip over the L5, I was in a world of hurt.  My training program would have to be put on hold until I had healed.

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