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Your Obedient Dog

Your dog will be as obedient as you request of him, or her.  We have all witnessed pet owners that must lounge for their dog when the door is opened, or thrust their knee out to block the dog when it see’s something it wants to go after.  I won’t do that.  Neither will I scream at the top of my lungs while my dog runs off anyways.  We see this all the time with dog owners, all the time.  It is not necessary.

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Valley Springs Has Installed A Stop Light

Well, we all knew this day was coming sooner, or later.  I can imagine most people were like me, and hoping it would be later, rather than sooner.  But it is here now.  Valley Springs has installed a stop light.  The corner of Vista Del Lago and Hwy 26 is the scene of the atrocity.  The same corner that endures several accidents each year.  If anywhere in this town needed a stop light, it would have to be there.  That intersection and the CVS parking lot exit are the two leaders in accidents.

Valley Springs is growing up.  Just like our kids, all we can do is guide them in the right direction, protect them where we can, and let them grow up.  You’re growing up Valley Springs, enjoy your few years of youth before you’re an adult with multi-lane highways running through you.

Teaching Your Dog to Wait in the Car

Teaching your dog to wait in the car is beneficial for both you, and your dog.  If you show your dog how to wait in the car, windows wide open, or the top down, you have a security system, via your dog, for your vehicle, and the added bonus of a pet that is not overheating in a locked car.  When it’s warm outside, leaving the car windows wide open can mean the difference between life and death for your dog. But, if you have a dog that hops out of the window as soon as you walk away, this can create a life, or death, situation in itself.  Showing your dog how to stay in the car isn’t a difficult behavior to teach, but as anything that you want your dog to learn, it will take time on your part to teach him.

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