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What is the business world doing to society?  It is abominable when fee’s and charges are assessed to people in need?  Disabled, unemployed, single parents, are the prime target of these unfair practices.  The people who need help the most are the one’s fleeced by banks, and government bureau’s everyday.  

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Something To Write Home About – Volume I

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Something To Write Home About is a three volume set.  This being Volume I.  They are a collection of letters written by a WWI soldier to his family. I enjoy old letters, and old books.  The way they used to talk, the laws that were then, but not now, how people acted, it’s all so fascinating to me.  This book is full of them.  I was so enthralled reading the letters I decided to put them into a book so other people who may find old letters interesting can read them as well. The book was becoming so huge that my word processor started failing to save it properly.  That’s when I decided I must break it down into volumes.

This is volume I.  It includes the first letter written in May 1918, through December 1918. Volume II picks up in January of 1919 and goes through until his discharge in June of 1919. Both volumes have a few of the photo’s in them, but Volume III has the lions share of the photo’s.  Volume III has all the photo’s, postcards and letters in the collection. Nothing was held back in these books.

Volumes I & II are completed. Volume III is in the works!